(4) Re-Drill's of Mature Reservoirs

Known Oil Reservoirs will Payback Participation Cost

+ Generate Substantial Revenue for 5 - 20 Years

These prospects are based on the idea that certain reservoirs were not adequately drained by vertical wells. This idea is further supported by the fact that the combination of by-passed oil from compartments and segregation of oil from inactivity can be horizontally drilled, resulting in anticipated recovery of additional oil production.

Low-Risk Venture Likely to Produce Minimum 7 to 1 Return + Substantial Tax Deductions

Basis of Project:

  • *Improvements in Technology

  • High-tech Computers Scrutinize Vast Amts. Data
  • 3D Seismic to Pinpoint Optimum Drill Sites
  • *Horizontal Drilling
  • Exposes Maximum Amt of Oil & Gas Pay Zone
  • Allows Us to Find & DevelopHydrocarbons in Old Reservoirs Using New Technology