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                         Client Focused, Results Driven

We are an independent oil & gas exploration firm in business since 1983.

Our company and partners have a license to operate in each state to be explored.

Each person on our geological and technical staff has 35+ years experience.

      Exploration Manager Rocky Mountain Division:

     Dennis Alan Allison - Master of Geology Southern Illinois University and BS Geology, Ball State Univ.        Exploration Geologist: Texaco in Arkansas/ Louisiana, Illinois and Michigan Basin; Nance Petroleum and    TXO in the Rockies & the Denver Basin as an independent operator & producer


       John Robert (Bob) Flournoy 

    – Petroleum Landman (PLM), University of Texas

    - District Landman: Shell Oil Company      

    - Land Manager: Traverse Corporation in Michigan Basin

    - Founder: Northern Michigan Oil & Gas Corporation and Energy Investment Partners

     Exploration Manager Michigan Basin:

     Dan E. Pfeiffer - BS and Maters of Geology at Bowling Green State University

     Exploration Geologist: Texaco in West Texas                        District Manager: Sullivan Company

     Senior Geologist: Patrick Petroleum in the Michigan Basin

     Consulting Geophysicist: Jim Womble

     Landman: Tanner Flournoy - Management Degree from Southwest Texas State University.

     Investor Relations: J.R. Flournoy - Ministry-Pensacola Christian College

     Consultants: We use local knowledgeable drilling, completion and lease operating companies.